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a coffee experience unlike any other


Truly Great Coffee

Great coffee starts with great beans. broobee uses only the finest ARABICA coffee beans. Let that sink in... ARABICA. The finest beans grown anywhere. Try this: ask your favorite barista what kind of beans they use. If they don't know, that isn't good. If they say Robusta... that isn't good either, no matter how they blend or roast them. ARABICA beans are the top choice of coffee snobs worldwide, and for good reason. They are that good. And that's all we use.


Great coffee continues with great processes using great equipment. At broobee we use only the best equipment available. Only the finest (and expensive) espresso machines, grinders, and brooristas go into a broobee cafe. Our process for making an exceptionally fine coffee drink is unparalleled. Precision equipment and timing makes for a smooth, rich, satisfying cup, again and again.


How Great Coffee is Made

broobee is not your grandmother's coffee bar. It's not your mom's either. This one is yours, all yours, made for you... made for today... and tomorrow. These are high-tech coffee kiosks with a crazy-high cool factor.


Meet BILLIE... broobee's all-star broorista. This dood can multitask like no one else. Check him out...


Why Coffee Matters 

Coffee is the second most globally traded commodity. The coffee industry represents 1.6% of total gross domestic product within the United States ($225 billion in revenue). Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet - even more popular than tea. More than 400 billion cups each year with no sign of slowing demand. 


Coffee accounts for nearly half of the total net exports from tropical countries and is an extremely important crop in developing countries. Coffee sales worldwide is projected to grow by $58.7 billion USD, driven by 4.1% annualized growth.

Want a Franchise?

Contact us. Opportunities currently exist but hurry before all the best locations are gone. Your earning potential is enormous and the ROI is quick. How good is our coffee? Really good. How good is this opportunity? Stoopid good.

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